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Christmas is quickly approaching. I’m still trying to soak up every minute of celebrating and spending time with family. Last week, I decided to have a cookie decorating party. Cookies are so much fun to decorate, and I wanted to enjoy it with others. Several family members and friends were able to join me. We had a great time and ate some yummy homemade pizza (sharing that recipe soon). For now, I wanted to share my favorite sugar cookie recipe and a super easy royal icing recipe. You still have time to make some cookies!

For the cutout cookies, I tried several recipes before finding one that was quick and easy. I do adjust baking times depending on the thickness of my cookie and try to get them out before the edges start to brown. Use a timer. Minutes go by fast when you’re having fun! Tip: Don’t put ALL of your cookies in the first bake. Try out a few to see how fast they bake up in your oven.

The frosting seems intimidating, but it’s not hard once you find the right consistency. I use the Wilton royal icing recipe. Start with a thick frosting, use less water than recipe calls for, and then separate small amounts and add water a tiny bit at a time. There are lots of great videos showing consistency for royal icing which helped me. Thicker frosting is easier to use for details on top of flooded cookies (cookies that are covered in frosting that has dried like the photo of the round cookie with tree).

We also used edible markers, toothpicks, and zip lock bags to decorate. I’d love to know if you try either of these recipes. Let me know if you have additional questions. Cookies are fun! And yummmmyyy!

Sugar Cookie Recipe by Life, Love, and Sugar

Wilton Royal Icing Recipe

Supply Links

Meringue Powder

Wilton Icing Colors

Edible Markers

Writing added with edible marker once cookie was dry.
Elia used edible markers to decorate a frosted cookie.

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