God Showed Up Today

One of the many things I want to do in 2019 is read more books. I love reading, but gosh sometimes it’s hard to find the time. Also, I need absolute QUIET to read and absorb everything, which is challenging with a toddler. Haha. Especially, a toddler who is currently not napping. Grrrrrrrrr. However, I have managed to almost finish my first read of 2019. Go me! One of the thoughts in the book that stood out to me was taking each night to recount how God showed up during the course of the day. That idea made me really think about how I spend my days.

There are some days when I can undoubtedly say, “God that was YOU.” For instance, a couple of weeks ago I was very nearly in a wreak. I was making a left turn, and I saw a lady barreling towards me in my rearview mirror. She was frantically jerking her car from side-to-side because she knew there was not enough time to stop before she rear-ended me. I turned what felt like only seconds before she was rear-ended by the car behind her and sent into the ditch. I thanked God for showing up for me. There was no doubt in my mind that he kept me calm enough to get out of the way. Thank you, Jesus, but where is God on the days when it’s just me and Elia at the house?

My sleeping beauty.

As a stay at mom, most days I spend with Elia. She’ll be TWO next month y’all! We do the norm around the house. Wake up, eat, play, eat, nap (sometimes), play, cook dinner. Repeat. I caught myself for a moment thinking, “Where could God possibly be during those days?” When there’s nothing “miraculous” happening, what could I write down? Then, thoughts almost immediately began to flood my mind. There are so many places God shows up in our ordinary lives, but we just have to notice.

The relationship between parent and child should teach kids so much about God, and it was during this reflection that I realized God was showing up for us every day. Elia’s boo-boos I kiss away, and when I cuddle her when she’s sad is the Holy Spirit’s comfort. The things we create and make during “mommy preschool” show the God’s creativeness. I can imagine His delight mirroring mine as I watch her enjoy painting so much. He’s there in the prayers we pray and Elia’s shouts of, “AMEN!”

She asks to paint every day. I love it. Thankfully we have washable paint. HAHA

He shows up in our praise as we march around the living room dancing, singing, and playing instruments (badly haha). He shows up in every, “I love you.” Even, when we say it 100 times per day. God shows up every day because He lives in us. I don’t have to wonder where God is nor think that what I’m doing isn’t worth Him showing up. He’s here. I am so thankful He shows up and does the miraculous, but I’m also thankful He shows up for the every day.

Let God show up for your family and others through you.

“Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 ESV

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