DIY Spring Wreath for Under $10 and No Sew Rabbit Pillow

Updated February 18, 2020

Usually, I am so behind with my seasonal DIYs and projects, BUT I’ve already gotten two spring projects done. Woo hoo! These two projects are sharing a post because they are so easy to make. Neither of them requires fancy tools or skills. They’re so easy your kids could do it! Elia was close by watching me, but she was more interested in doing other things while I was distracted. Sneaky girl. 

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DIY Moss Grapevine Wreath for Spring

Starting with the wreath, I found lots of inspiration from Pinterest, of course. I wanted a natural-looking wreath with some green. Nothing too flashy or colorful. The grapevine wreath is the perfect base. It is from Hobby Lobby, or here’s one from Amazon. After their coupon at Hobby Lobby, it cost me only $5 for the wreath. Then, I got three different kinds of moss from Dollar Tree. Just one pack of each was enough. It goes a long way. The eggshells are from my kitchen. Here’s a quick step-by-step.

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When you choose your wreath, make sure you get one that has a good shape. I was in a hurry and got one that was a little uneven.

Add one kind of moss at a time and work your way around the wreath. You can use glue if you want to, but it isn’t necessary. I just stuffed a good size piece of moss in between and under branches. This process is a great step to include the kids. Don’t separate the moss too much because it will just be a loose mess.

After adding the moss, I hot glued eggshells around the wreath. I added moss inside to help them blend. Before adding them to the wreath, I rinsed the shells and left them to air dry. White eggs would work too, but we had brown in the fridge, or you could add fake eggs.

For the ribbon, I cut up some cotton fabric scraps. I pulled at the edges to make them fray, and then I tucked the ends up into the wreath. And FINISHED! You could add lots of different elements to this base to make it your own. Have fun with it!

To complete this space in my living room, I wanted to add some more subtle springiness. I had more leftover fabric scraps that matched the wreath’s bow, so I thought a bunny would be fun. Since this is a no-sew project, all you need are scissors and glue.

DIY No-Sew Bunny Pillow

First, I drew a bunny onto the fabric with an orange crayon. Not the best color to sketch with, but it was what my tiny helper handed me.

Then, I cut out the sketch, then traced it onto the remaining fabric. After cutting out the second bunny, you now have the front and back. I did take the time to iron the material at this point. It made the gluing easier. Cuts do not have to be perfect because you will fray the edges.

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After ironing, find a surface where your bunny can stay for a couple of hours to dry.

You will need fabric glue to attach the sides of your bunny. I used fabric glue from Hobby Lobby. It doesn’t dry quickly, but it dries clear and is washable. Once dried, the seams look great, and the bunny pillow still looks adorable a year later.

Try to keep your glue in a neat line as best you can, this will help the seams look better. Make sure the sketch marks aren’t visible on the outer pieces of your bunny. Then, glue all sides together except the bottom.

For the tail, I used cut up fabric, similar to making a pompom from yarn. I glued it on with the same fabric glue. Make sure to add something inside the bunny to keep the tail from gluing the two sides together. I used some bubble wrap inside to keep the glue from seeping onto the other side of the fabric.

Give your glue enough time to dry according to the directions on the bottle. Once you start stuffing, there shouldn’t be wet glue.

The stuffing for my bunny is from an extra throw pillow from Ikea. Almost cheaper than buying it from the craft store. I stuffed my bunny pretty tight, then glued the bottom seam using clips to hold the fabric in place while the glue dried.

Once the bottom seam was dry, I fluffed the bunny and added some green raffia. All done!

This project goes by quickly, and you’ll be on to another DIY. These bunnies would also be adorable made with colorful fabric, which I might try soon. You can use this same concept to create a fun decorative pillow in any shape and material.

If you’re looking for more spring DIYs, I have another tutorial for you. Check out this adorable bunny basket project with painted wood eggs — two more adorable DIYs.

My completed space ready for spring. I love adding small touches here and there. DIYs are my favorite, and I love sharing them with you. Please tag me on social media with your creations @annakateturnerdiy.

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