Easter Basket Stuffers – A Complete List with Links

This will be Elia’s THIRD Easter! Honestly, I cannot believe she’s been in this world so long already. Haha. One of my FAVorite things to do is buy her gifts (and clothes). Fixing up and buying special gifts is so much fun to me. I realize this is not everyone’s favorite thing, and if you don’t enjoy shopping it can be like a chore. So, I’m here to help! I’ve made a list of items from Amazon to help you make an awesome Easter basket for your little ones without having to worry about running to the store.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

All of those egg are full of candy! Easter 2018

We have used the same personalized Easter basket every year. It’s fabric so it folds flat for easy storage. You don’t have to buy a new one every year. For Easter gifts, I usually focus on books and a toy or two, particularly things to get us outside. Spring usually brings nicer weather, which makes getting outside together more enjoyable. Plus, it’s one of Elia’s favorite things to do. Here’s a quick list of what will go in her Easter basket this year and a list you can use as a quick guide.

Easter 2018. We included sand toys for an upcoming beach trip.
  1. Book/DVD
  2. Eggs (Play-doh Filled)
  3. Toy (Bubble Blower)
  4. Toy (Small Cars)
  5. Toy (Play-doh Set)

You can use this list as a guide and change it up for age appropriate gifts. Here are some things to consider for each category.

Easter 2017. Elia’s First Easter. This is still her fav doll. Linked below.

Book/DVD. I try to use this category to focus on the reason for Easter. This year she’s getting a Veggie Tales Easter DVD I found on clearance. When we travel, she watches movies in the car, and Veggies Tales is one of her favorite shows. There are some other super sweet books that have caught my eye recently, and a couple I included in the list are ones we have. God Gave Us Easter is an adorable book for littles that still need board books. I plan to get this one for Elia’s basket.

Eggs. You don’t have to include plastic eggs. For littles, the plastic eggs can actually be a hazard. Elia can break them so fast, then they become a million plastic pieces. Look for age appropriate eggs. There are some adorable wooden options. I bought Play-Doh filled eggs for this year’s basket. I know she’ll be super excited about those. Me not so much. Hahahahaha These wooden eggs below are music shakers! Your little one is sure to love the sound and colors. Make sure to check age requirements on small toys.

Toys. Add what fits your budget and your kid’s age. There are fun small toys in Dollar Tree and Target. Target has lots of fun felt toys that would great in an Easter basket. I got Elia’s bubble gun on clearance at Target for cheap! It’s hard to pass up a deal. I knew she would love it because she really wanted a bubble blower at Disney this past fall, but there was no way I was paying a fortune for one of those. The small cars are from Target’s dollar spot. She loves cars so much. Then, I felt the Play-Doh toy set would go well with her eggs. I have added several toy options listed from Amazon, some we have and love already including this doll. I will forever talk about the stuffed doll below because it is Elia’s most loved toy. She sleeps with two babies EVERY NIGHT. They get washed regularly and have held up great. A lot of quality in these cute dolls for a small price.

I have included several great toys for basket stuffers. There’s even a complete plush basket ready made for babies! I also added Melissa and Doug toy options because their brand is one of our favorites for toys. When shopping for the little ones in your life, make sure to check the age requirements for safety. CLICK HERE to view my entire Amazon list for Easter 2019. Your little ones will happy you did.

My sweet baby bunny. Easter 2017.

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