DIY Spring Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing – Recipes and Instructions

I’m kind of obsessed with royal icing cookies. I’ve made them several times in the last year, and they are so much fun to decorate. Sometimes the frosting can be a little tricky, but it’s definitely worth attempting. The cookies and frosting are both homemade. It’s so easy to make these fresh. I haven’t found any store bought frosting that works well enough to buy again, especially since the homemade frosting is so easy.

When I planned to make cookies for Elia’s first birthday in 2018, I searched Pinterest for a good cutout sugar cookie recipe. There are tons. I decided to pick three and try them first. Some recipes said the dough needed to chill before baking, and other finnicky things. There was only one recipe that worked for me, but it worked perfectly. I don’t chill the cookies or anything. You can if you need to for time, but I go straight from the mixer to cutting out cookies for the oven. I didn’t come up with the recipe, and I want to give credit for an awesome recipe. You can get it here.

The royal icing was an easier decision. For several years, I had a small cake business, and I used wilton icing recipes. When I decided to try royal icing, I knew I could trust Wilton. I follow the directions below. One batch of this frosting will go farther than you think. The flood consistency can cover a lot of cookies.

Once you have the cookies baked and the frosting mixed, it’s time for the fun part! I love decorating these cookies y’all. It’s so much fun! There are so many different ways you can decorate them, and lots of different tools. However, you don’t have to buy all the things to make pretty cookies. For the cookies I made for this post, I used plastic baggies for my piping bags with the tips cut off at a corner. I used a tooth pick to smooth the icing. They turned out adorable. I share a few tips during the DIY instructional video, but once I start decorating, it’s hard for me to talk. I need to focus on the cookie. Haha.

For more cookie inspiration, check out my post about my cookie decorating party and Elia’s first birthday party. I’ve also created a list of Amazon Prime cookie supplies you can have shipped to you quickly here. Please, let me you know if you make some cookies and tag me on social media so I can share @annakateturner.

Follow my cookie Pinterest board for more cookie inspiration. I love looking at all the creative designs, and there are lots of helpful tips and tricks too.

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