Bee Party Theme for Gender Reveal

Parties are one of my favorite things. I have done so many different themes and decorations for many parties for graduations, baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, but this was my first gender reveal party. Pinterest is my go-to place for party inspiration. There are so many different themes and ideas. I decided on the bee theme for the decor, and I’m so glad I did. It turned out so adorable, and the beehive pinata worked perfectly even after it fell apart in my car. Haha! It was lots of creative fun getting ready for this party.

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Let’s start at the party planning beginning. My friend, Christy, didn’t have any special requests for the theme, which made me so excited! I had creative liberty, which takes the pressure off in my opinion. I went to Pinterest for all the ideas and landed on the bee theme. Once we nailed down the location, I was ready to get my supplies. For the basic supplies here’s where I find the best deals.

  • Plastic table cloths (Rectangle ones are $.99 at Hobby Lobby. In my opinion these are better quality than Walmart and Dollar Tree and there are lots more color choices for the same price.)
  • Streamers (Hobby Lobby for $.99 each. I used one roll of yellow and three rolls of black.)
  • Latex Balloons ($1 per pack at Dollar Tree. I don’t think these were the best price, but the difference is not much between the stores.)

When I am decorating for parties, I like to pick a focal area to be the main area of decor and interest. This area helps keep the cost down because I’m not decorating the entire space. For the location, the church fellowship hall, I chose a wall space that was visible as you entered the door. It showed the theme and made the entire space feel festive, even though there were not decorations on every wall. I used streamers to frame the area since it was on a long wall. Then the fun began!

Hexagons were perfect for this theme, so I cut some out of poster board, and three hexagons out of scrapbook paper with bees. The yellow and black poster board is from Dollar Tree. I used three yellow sheets and two black. The leftovers from the yellow hexagons I used as tags for the centerpieces. I printed out a hexagon and used it to trace onto the poster board. I layered and taped pieces together so I could cut out three hexagons at a once which helped save some time. I added some of the fuzzy bees to the hexagons and added the black dashes for the fly lines. The baby balloons are from Target and were in a pack for $3. They came as “OH BABY,” so I was able to add the “O” later to spell boy.

The cake stand for the cupcakes is a black stand from Target, $5, that was already at the church. I added a kid’s dress-up skirt from the Dollar Tree to the bottom.

Cupcakes by Casey Rivers. They were so yummy!

The sign for gender guesses is a DIY as well. I added washi tape to the edges as a frame. The black letters are stickers from Dollar Tree. I cut out “BEE” from scrapbook paper. The wooden bees are from Hobby Lobby as well as the stickers we used for each side. The small sign, I printed from the computer added a sticker and stuck in a black frame I had at home. The blue and pink color is from table cloths. I think that’s it for the focal area!

On to the tables and my favorite DIY-the bees! First, I made the hives with brown wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby. I cut about 2″ strips and folded in the edges. I covered a jumbo egg with foil then hot glued the paper around the egg. Once I got the shape I wanted, I removed the egg then the foil. DONE! Time for some bees.

The bees are made with 1.5″ yellow poms, $1.99 for 30 at Hobby Lobby, and black chenille stems (pipe cleaners to me) 50 pieces for $1.67, I didn’t use the whole pack. I cut the stems in half added hot glue to one end and stuck it into the pom. After the hot glue dried, I wrapped the stem around the pom like little stripes. The wings were a last minute decision late at night, but I think they were necessary for making the bees look right. I squeezed out hot glue onto parchment paper. Once the glue was dry, I used scissors to cut the glue into the wings. I hot glued the wings on the back of the bees x30. I added wire to the hives, wrapped the wire around a marker to get the springs, then glued on the little bees.

The last thing I needed for the centerpieces was the tag. I used the leftover poster board from the hexagons and cut them into tags. I used my stamps to add the words and glued a toothpick on the back. Then, you guessed it, glued the tags into the hive. At the party, the hives were the centerpiece with black streamers as stripes on each side.

Finally, to the piñata! There were several different ways I thought about making it, but I didn’t want to go the paper mache route. Since we weren’t hitting the pinata, I decided to make it out of foam board from the Dollar Tree. I used two foam boards. First, I drew the hive design on one. Cut it out with a box cutter then traced it on the second piece. With the leftovers, I cut three edges to add the depth. I hot glued all of these pieces together, save the bottom that would be the door for the confetti. Then, I used yellow tissue paper, from Walmart, to cover the pinata. Keeping the tissue paper folded, I cut a thick strip then cut slits into it to make the frayed edges.

I used hot glue to add the tissue paper down the sides and Elmer’s stick glue on the front to add the tissue paper. The pull strings were tricky and almost didn’t work, but the basic idea was there. The confetti was heavier than I expected. Basically, you add “dummy” strings to the bottom that come out super easy. The main string to pull down the door was reinforced with hot glue so it would over the flap. I think a pull string pinata is a great idea for parties. You can make sure every kid gets a turn and even rig it for the birthday kid to pull the right string if you want. To finish off the hive, I added some wired bees. The blue confetti is from Hobby Lobby!

The party turned out so cute, and thankfully, the piñata worked. Whew! I was stressed for a minute. HAHAHA! Just ask Matt. I hope this gives you some awesome ideas for your next party. Tag me in your creations. @annakateturner

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