DIY Floral Lantern Wedding Centerpiece

The Rivers Ranch, Inc in Jackson, Ga was the gorgeous venue.

This wedding was my biggest decor project thus far. I was so excited about the challenge, but I also wanted to be overly prepared. Once I had the bride’s ideas for how she wanted the venue to look, I started gathering all the information I needed to execute gorgeous floral arrangements. I researched different floral foams to use, ways to secure the foam, transporting the flowers, and how early I could arrange everything. My research helped to make things go off without a hitch. I was suprised that nothing went wrong with the flowers. HAHA. I was sooooo thankful that it didn’t.

For the centerpieces, the bride wanted a lantern with candle and florals surrounding. I love how romantic and classic this look is.

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Before I ordered my flowers, I made a list of how many stems I would need for each arrangement and bouquet. I did my best to estimate how much I would need, and I got it nearly perfect. The day of the wedding we did have to pick up more greenery from a local florist, but it worked out fine. Here’s a list of what you need to make a similar centerpiece. The items listed are for one centerpiece.

  • Lantern (Ikea)
  • Flameless candle (Dollar Tree)
  • Oasis Floral Foam 2 Bricks (
  • 2 Hydrangea stems (
  • 2 Cremon stems (Samsclub)
  • 8 stems of greenery (Samsclub) *I made sure to have extra greenery just in case.
  • 4 stems of pink spray roses (Samsclub)
  • 7 stems white roses (Samsclub)
  • 7 stems blush roses (Samsclub)


First, I strapped the soaked floral foam to the plastic base. Make sure this is as secure as possible for transport.
Then, I added three different types of seasonal greenery to the floral foam. Make sure the ends are in the foam so they get water, same with the flowers. Add the greenery in the shape you want for the final arrangement. Notice how rounded out it is already.
The two hydrangea stems were the first flowers I added because of their size. They were the focal flower and adding them first helped to know where to place the smaller flowers.
Be prepared for a big mess! Haha. I added the white and pink roses next making sure to keep the rounded shape and getting the roses secure in the foam.
The final touches were the cremons, which I left in their protective sleeve until day of wedding, pink spray roses, and seeded eucalyptus.
Once I had the first one made, I was able to assembly line the rest, which went faster. I love how they looked at the venue!

Here’s a list of floral items I purchased from Amazon. All of these items are available with Prime Shipping, and I had a great experience with them all. ( Disclosure: The Amazon links are affiliate links, so I receive a small payment if you order through my link. It does not affect the cost of your items.)

The final arrangements placed on the tables were perfect. I made all fifteen centerpiece arrangements the day before the wedding. Upon delivery, the lanterns and candles were added.

I’ll be sharing more about the flower ordering process, taking care of the flowers, and more! Be sure to subscribe to my blog, so you don’t miss a post. Let me know if you have any other specific questions I can answer about DIY Wedding Florals.

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  1. Do you need to put something on top of the foam beneath the lantern in order to protect the lantern from moisture? Thank you for this informative tutorial for a beautiful centerpiece!

    1. Hello Shannon. I’m glad you found this helpful. Since these lanterns were metal, I didn’t put anything under them. If you used wood or a different material lantern that might be necessary.

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