Football Cookie Set Royal Icing

You’re here for the video, right? Cookie videos are the best. I could honestly watch them alllll day. Haha What’s even more fun is creating them myself.

If you are interested in learning more about decorating cookies with royal icing, I have a few resources for you.

Here is my Royal Icing Cookies blog post full of everything you need to know to start decorating cookies. I have included recipes, decorating techniques, supplies list, and answered some frequently asked questions.

I also have an Amazon shop with links to tools I use and recommend, and lastly, my Pinterest is where I share tons of amazing cookies from myself and others.

Below is the full video for you, as well as some notes of what I did for each cookie.

For the football cookie, I was in a hurry and didn’t let it dry enough. I would recommend allowing one section of the base coat to dry before adding the other section because it will give you more dimension. I made a large cut in the piping bag for the white stripes.

Did you notice my fancy set up for the logo? Haha. It worked great! I taped wax paper over the phone and traced the image with royal icing. This trick is how I made the jersey numbers as well. If you are making a lot of cookies, printing out the logo and numbers would be a great option. Just put the wax paper over the images.

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The jersey cookie is my favorite. I made two different ones, a jersey front, and a back, but I was impatient again and ruined one because I did not allow it to dry. UGH! I added the name with edible markers like these, and the numbers are icing transfers. The cookie cutter is for a t-shirt, but it makes a great jersey too.

With the pompom cookies, I did several layers. I let the icing dry slightly before adding another layer. The drying time kept the dimension and prevented all the lines from running together. They were an easy filler cookie for the set.

That’s all for this set. I would love to see what you create. Please tag me on social media @annakateturner.

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