DIY Custom Cutting Board with Chandler Tool

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Chandler Tool was kind enough to send me their embossing heat gun. Before it even arrived in the mail, I began scouring Pinterest for ideas and projects to do with my new tool. While that list is long because a heat gun is so versatile, I decided to start with a custom cutting board DIY with a pyrography pen. It was a super easy DIY, and I’ll be sharing how you can do it too in three easy steps. Chandler Tool also gave me a coupon code to share, so keep reading for a great discount on your tools. 

I love wood burning, and I have done some wood burning in the past with a traditional burner. It takes practice, and I found a regular wood burner to be a little hard to control with the designs I was attempting. I was intrigued by the idea of using a pen and a heat gun to create a wood burned design.

Hand lettering and doodling is another hobby of mine, and I love looking for ways to include that in other mediums. You find my hand lettering tutorial here. This project was the perfect way to use different skills. You could use this technique to create so many projects and gifts. My mind is swirling with ideas.  


This list of supplies couldn’t be more straightforward. 

Step 1: Choose a Surface

I chose a wood cutting board from Hobby Lobby for my project. Any unfinished wood surface would work great. The wood does need to be smooth, so be prepared to sand if your wood still has rough spots.

Step 2: Add Design

There are several ways you can add your design. You can use a stencil, sketch a layout with a pencil, or free-hand the design with the marker like I did. With a pencil sketch, the burning covers the pencil marks, and you can erase any leftover marks after you burn everything.

I chose to do some free-handed flower doodles. I also did a pencil sketch design, but this floral pattern turned out to be my favorite. So, sketch, stencil, or free-hand your design with the pen, then get ready for the heat gun magic.

Step 3: Heat Gun Burning

The heat gun activates the chemical reaction with the pen ink to burn the wood. It’s an exciting process to watch!

The Chandler Tool heat gun has two heat settings allowing you to control how dark the burning of the wood gets. If you add shadowing and different shading in a more complex design, having the lower heat setting is a must. Use the lower setting to have more control over the color. The burning happens quickly, and you’ll be so happy with the result.

Just imagine all the personalized gifts you can make with this heat gun! I am so excited to add it to my craft tools. Thank you again, Chandler Tool. Order your heat gun here and use code ANNAKATEDIY to save 20% on a Chandler Tool purchase on Amazon.

Find more ways to use your heat gun on Pinterest. I’ve created a board with lots of ideas to inspire you.

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