Graphic Tee Inspired Cookies

Do you have any graphic tees in your closet? My mom loves t-shirts. We usually gift her one for most birthdays and special occasions. It’s fun finding t-shirts when we travel or tees with funny sayings. My mom’s love for graphic tees is what inspired these cookies. This year we weren’t able to visit her for her birthday, so I wanted to send some of my yummy cookies to help her feel special despite the distance. 

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In this post, I’ll show you each design and how I created it. If you are interested in learning more about making cookies, I have these resources available.

I took to Pinterest for design inspiration, of course, there is plenty, and I found a few favorites to recreate into t-shirts. The daisy cookies complete the set, and I love the way they look with denim.

Daisy Cookies

In the beginning, the daisies reminded me of an egg. Then, I decided to add the black line details to make them look more like a flower. I’m proud of this save.

For the daisy cookies, I used a sunflower cookie cutter flooded in white icing, leaving the middle unfilled. After the white flood icing dried, I added a white flood in the middle mounding it a bit. Once the cookie was completely dry, I painted the centers yellow with food coloring and outlined with an edible marker.

Graphic Tee Cookies

For the tee cookies, I also flooded them in white. After letting them dry under a fan, I painted each color onto the cookie with gel food coloring and a tiny bit of water.

I waited for the backgrounds to dry before adding the details with my favorite edible markers by Cake Craft. Videos are one of my favorite ways to learn, so I try to record the process when I can. These cookies are a fun process to watch. Below are a few more details and tips for each cookie with their close up.

I thought this saying was adorable, especially since my family loves pigs like they have a pig in their back yard. Haha! This piggy cookie is adorable, but I almost messed her up with the white gel coloring. I was going for a paisley look on the headscarf, but the white didn’t dry. YIKES. I dabbed it with a napkin to save her. 

Since these were a gift for my mom, I wanted to add a personal touch to each cookie. For the small town shirt, I added their zip code. I thought that was a cute touch.

I was nervous about this design since all of the shirts are free-handed. I wasn’t convinced it looked like a bee, but my three-year-old daughter built my confidence back up when she immediately knew it was a bumblebee.

This one is a bit more obvious, but my little one calls my mom “Grammy,” and I added the date of her birth year for the established year.

This cookie was one of my mom’s favorites, but it wasn’t perfect. The design was supposed to have florals behind the deer head, but I used the white gel again. For some reason, the white didn’t want to dry. I dabbed this cookie too, but it didn’t work as well. The deer head bled a little bit because the florals were still a little wet.

Do you want to learn to make cookies?

Making cookies is such a fun hobby, and it’s times like these that I enjoy making them even more. I started making and decorating cookies with royal icing in 2018 for my daughter’s first birthday. Since then, I have learned so many different techniques and experimented with lots of different recipes.

I have all of that information available to share for free. There are over 16 video tutorials, many blog posts, and a supply list available. You will learn everything you need to know to get started.

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