Fourth of July Basket for Kids

When I think of summer, one of the holidays I immediately think of is Independence Day or the Fourth of July as I usually say. When my daughter was born in 2017, one of the holidays I was most excited about, besides Christmas, was the Fourth of July. Why? Because of the awesome parade I’ve gone to since I was a little girl. I couldn’t wait for her to experience the parade. I can’t wait to show you how I upcycled her Easter basket into a parade bucket for all her candy, and I’ll share some other uses for the bucket too.

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The parade bucket was perfect for gathering all the candy and goodies at the parade. Typically, we use plastic shopping bags to hold everything, but they fly away with the wind and get holes in the bottom, most of the time. Plus, they are not cute. This parade bucket is adorable and simple to DIY. 


Since the bucket was leftover from Easter, the base was white. It was originally a plain wood color. After you paint the bucket white, paint the top vertical basket strips red leaving the horizontal “belt” white. I tried to do this carefully and not get red paint on everything. There were a few smudges but not much.

After the red paint dries, add navy to the rim of the bucket. Once the navy dries, you can add white stars with paint or a paint pen. I have paint pens in my craft stash, so I decided to use that to paint the stars.

To finish the bucket, I stamped the letters “USA” around the horizontal belt, and it turned out so cute. It’s the perfect bucket for a parade. Here’s a video tutorial showing the quick process.

If you don’t need a parade bucket, there are lots of other ways to use this design. You could use it as a centerpiece with flowers, place your utensils and napkins inside for summer lunch, or fill it with goodies for a summer gift basket. There are so many fun ideas.

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