Summer Royal Icing Cookies

Creating holiday and seasonal cookie designs is a lot of fun. I am a hobby baker, so I make cookies for enjoyment and to share with friends and family. Designing the cookies is my favorite part, and I usually don’t make the same cookie twice. I enjoyed creating these cookies designs, and I hope they help inspire your summer cookies.

If you’re here for a specific cookie design, here’s a quick guide for this post: Flag Bunting Cookies, Patriotic Hearts, and Watermelon Cookies.

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Are you having a hard time with royal icing? I have been making cookies for over two years, and I’ve experimented and taught myself so much. If you need help, I’m here. I have an excellent place for you to get started. Making cookies can be an enjoyable pastime or a profitable side hustle.

Flag Bunting Cookies

These flag bunting cookies might be the first ones I do remake. I tried several different designs for the bunting idea, and I absolutely love how these turned out with the ruffle in the middle. The 3D ruffle with the painted red lines gives this simple cookie so much interest.

To get the navy color, I mixed a tiny bit of black with my blue food coloring. I wanted a deep blue color, and I am happy with what I created. The red paint is gel food coloring mixed with a tiny amount of water.

Did you know they make food safe paintbrushes? I picked up some at Hobby Lobby and use them to paint my cookies, and painting cookies is one of my favorite ways to decorate them. There’s no mixing a ton of different frosting colors, so I love saving that time.

I created the ruffle with the 104 Wilton tip, then I carefully painted the red on the edges. The cookie shape is simply a circle cookie cutter cut in half.

Here’s a video of the process because I am obsessed with cookie videos.

Patriotic Hearts

These hearts were a fun design experiment too. I like to use what cookie cutters I already have in different ways. If you have cookie cutters, you likely have at least one heart-shaped one. For this reason, I wanted to create a patriotic heart design. 

The ruffles on the bunting cookies were my favorite, so I thought it would be fun to add some ruffles to the edges of a couple of hearts. I piped and flooded a small white heart in the center of the cookie. After the white flood dried, I added the ruffle around the edge.

The plaid design is painted on with gel food coloring and a tiny amount of water. I decided on a plaid pattern, and I love the brilliant colors against the white. 

To a few of the cookies, I hand-lettered “USA” onto the heart with my favorite edible markers. Using edible markers and painting are two of the easiest ways to decorate cookies, in my opinion. I am used to using a pen for designs and lettering, so it was a natural transition to use it for the cookie designs. 

If you are writing on your cookies with edible markers, make sure your frosting is completely dry. You also want to keep light pressure on your pen, or you might poke a hole in the cookie. Don’t ask me how I know. 

I wish I had a process video to offer you for these designs, but I was watching Netflix on my phone and didn’t film this one. Since then, I got smart and watched Netflix on my computer while filming with my phone. 

Watermelon Cookies

Watermelons, I can’t imagine summer without this fruit. I also put salt on my watermelon. Do you? I have heard it’s a southern thing, but I’ve always done it. I put salt and pepper on my canteloupe. I’m not sure if anyone else does that, though. 

This gorgeous red fruit makes the cutest decor, so naturally, watermelon cookies will be adorable. Again, here I am painting them. I love the watercolor look painting gives the cookies. Make sure you don’t add too much moisture to the surface of the cookie because the icing will start melting.

For these, I used a round cookie cutter and a small flower cutter. I cut the round cookie in half, then used the flower for the bite. Once the cookies were baked and cooled, I flooded them with white icing. After the icing dried, they were ready for a paint job.

For the red part of the melon, I started darker at the top and got lighter towards the rind. I was trying to mimic the look of real watermelon and the fading to green. To get the lighter shades of green and red, use less food coloring on your brush. Fade the green to a darker green around the very edge.

Decorating cookies is a process, but you can do a lot of different steps while you’re waiting. Once they were painted, I let them dry again. Then, I was able to add the seeds and hand-lettering. I thought a fun summer phrase would be appropriate for these cookies. 

Guess what? I have a process video for these. 

There are tons of cookie designs out there, and so much inspiration on Pinterest. I hope my version of these summer cookies inspire your creations, and if they do, tag me on social media @annakateturnerdiy. I want to share what you’re making with others. 

Don’t forget to save this to your cookie board on Pinterest so that you can come back later. 

Decorating cookies is one of my favorite hobbies, and I have lots of cookie design ideas in mind for the rest of the year. I love creating simple designs that inspire cookiers at any level. Don’t miss another post; sign up for my email list below. 

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