DIY Brick Fireplace Makeover

After a few setbacks and some trial and error, I completed my brick fireplace makeover. Not to mention, it looks incredible. You probably find yourself here looking for an easy way to fix or update your current fireplace. I’m glad you’re here because I’m sharing all the details on how I pulled off this transformation,Continue reading “DIY Brick Fireplace Makeover”

Hand Lettering for Beginners

My experience with hand lettering started in elementary school. Seriously, I recently found an old school notebook, and I regularly wrote my ABCs over and over again. I practiced different styles, cursive, and my signature. Since then, I have continued to practice, and out of want and necessity have lettered so many things. In thisContinue reading “Hand Lettering for Beginners”

Football Cookie Set Royal Icing

You’re here for the video, right? Cookie videos are the best. I could honestly watch them alllll day. Haha What’s even more fun is creating them myself. If you are interested in learning more about decorating cookies with royal icing, I have a few resources for you. Here is my Royal Icing Cookies blog postContinue reading “Football Cookie Set Royal Icing”

Royal Icing Cookies – Recipes, Decorating, FAQs

Learning is a hobby in itself for me, and I enjoy sharing what I learn with others. My goal with this post is to provide the basics for you to get started. I spent so much time watching videos, reading blogs, and decorating, so I feel confident that I can help you. This blog willContinue reading “Royal Icing Cookies – Recipes, Decorating, FAQs”

How I Organized My Pantry for Less Than $20

Updated January 2020 Another new year is here, and once again, I feel the urge to clean out and organize. I am happy to say this pantry organization is still working for us almost a year later. Netflix dropped Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up on January 1, 2019. I’m sure it was no coincidence thatContinue reading “How I Organized My Pantry for Less Than $20”

How I Made a Donut Cake Stand with Wood Rounds from Lowe’s

Recently I have been embracing being a person of MANY ideas and trying to use it to help others. Weddings require lots of different parts and ideas that come together to make an unforgettable day. When discussing decor options, the bride was wondering how to make the groom’s table unique. He is a talented musician,Continue reading “How I Made a Donut Cake Stand with Wood Rounds from Lowe’s”

DIY Floral Lantern Wedding Centerpiece

This wedding was my biggest decor project thus far. I was so excited about the challenge, but I also wanted to be overly prepared. Once I had the bride’s ideas for how she wanted the venue to look, I started gathering all the information I needed to execute gorgeous floral arrangements. I researched different floralContinue reading “DIY Floral Lantern Wedding Centerpiece”

DIY Painted Globe Wedding Guest Book

When some friends approached me about helping decorate their wedding, my mind almost immediately went to a painted globe guestbook. They both love traveling and actually met while on a mission trip. It turns out the bride also wanted a painted globe guestbook! I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and Etsy, so I was dyingContinue reading “DIY Painted Globe Wedding Guest Book”

Bee Party Theme for Gender Reveal

Parties are one of my favorite things. I have done so many different themes and decorations for many parties for graduations, baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, but this was my first gender reveal party. Pinterest is my go-to place for party inspiration. There are so many different themes and ideas. I decided on theContinue reading “Bee Party Theme for Gender Reveal”

Royal Icing Cookie Tips – Mother’s Day Cookies

Royal icing cookies are one of my home baking obsessions. There are so many design possibilities, and I love experimenting with different techniques. For this post, I will share some tips for making cookies and share two Mother’s Day creations. If you want to learn to make royal icing and sugar cookies, I have free resourcesContinue reading “Royal Icing Cookie Tips – Mother’s Day Cookies”

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