Teaching My Kids about Jesus through Advent – “The Heart of Christmas”

When my children grow up, I don’t want them to think of me as the heart of the home. Instead, I want them to know that Jesus is the heart of our home just as we light the center candle of our Advent wreath for Him.

15 Christ-Centered Christmas Books for Kids

Baby-4 Years M Is for Manger: An ABC Book for Toddlers about Christmas and the Nativity Good News! It’s Christmas! (Our Daily Bread for Kids Presents) Christmas in the Manger A Star for Jesus Jesus Came for Me: The True Story of Christmas  2-6 Years A Very Noisy Christmas: A Fun Retelling of the NativityContinue reading “15 Christ-Centered Christmas Books for Kids”

Word for the Year 2021

For years I have chosen a word to guide me for the year. Selecting a singular word challenged me to pray and seek God about what He would have for me the following year. Each time I decided on a word that I truly needed to work on in my personal life. Here are someContinue reading “Word for the Year 2021”

How to Celebrate Advent at Home – A Christmas Adventure Guide

A 4 Week Advent Guide for Kids Updated for 2021 Advent Season In 2019, we started intentionally celebrating advent for the first time, and I loved how it kept our minds on Jesus throughout the Christmas season. My little girl was only two at the time, but she learned so many things about the trueContinue reading “How to Celebrate Advent at Home – A Christmas Adventure Guide”

Easter Adventure Guide – Celebrating Easter at Home

A Creative 8 Day Journey from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday After doing a Christmas advent countdown with Elia last year, I knew I wanted to put a more intentional effort into the other important holidays throughout the year, especially Easter. During advent, she learned so many things about the true meaning of Christmas andContinue reading “Easter Adventure Guide – Celebrating Easter at Home”

Holy Week 2022 Reading Guide

The week leading up to Easter can be filled with many things besides reflection on the crucifixion. It’s hard to slow down, especially during the church’s “busy season,” and reflect on the scriptures. Honestly, when I was planning this post, I really wanted to share a daily devotion with you. I had some grand ideas,Continue reading “Holy Week 2022 Reading Guide”