Royal Icing Cookies

Hey there! My name is Anna, and I love inspiring others to create. DIY is my middle name, so when it came time for my daughter’s first birthday, I was determined to create beautiful cookies for her party. My determination to figure out royal icing cookies led me to devour everything I could get my hands on about best practices, recipes, and tips. I’ve spent almost two years experimenting and learning how to make gorgeous cookies with minimal supplies because I believe every hobby baker can do it! You can do it, friend!

I have enjoyed teaching others locally, but I wanted to provide an online workshop for those who can’t come to a class in person. This workshop also provides more information and tutorials than I am able to offer in a class setting.

Royal Icing 101: Learn How to Create Beautiful Cookies No Experience Required will launch this month!

The workshop will be delivered entirely online, with an optional supply ad-on. Tutorial videos, worksheets, and more will be used to show you how to decorate the cookies.

Sign-up here to be the first to hear about the official launch date and receive a $10 discount on the workshop. You’ll also receive my favorite supply list to help you get started with the right supplies.

Some of my first cookies from Spring 2018 on the left, and my fall-themed cookie set from Fall 2019.

Let’s create something together.

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